Okay if anyone could help me that’d be great. My phone looks like this. I’ve pressed the Power+Home button various times to restart it and it’ll just go back to this or something similar to this but with yellow surrounding it. Or just a white center and a black border. It’s done this before and all I had to do was keep it plugged in and keep restarting it and after a day it’d turn back on. But it seems like every time it dies, it does this. 

What do I need to do?

Uh excuse me but I hate feeling lonely.. I don’t like this one bit.

There’s something moving out there.


I wanna meet my followers.


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:: Killian letting his woman ramble about “what’s the big deal” about these balls, knowing in about 2.5 seconds, all her little girl dreams are gonna come true. :: 

Make me choose: Smoke or Neon
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